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Modern Forensic Technologies Seminar
"Modern technologies of Foster + Freeman
inthe field of forensic investigations "

5-6 March 2013
The company "Expert Systems Plus" - exclusive representative of Foster + Freeman (UK) invites you to participate in free scientific seminar "Modern technologies Foster + Freeman in forensic research."
The workshop will demonstrate the forensic equipment and technology to verify the authenticity of documents, securities and bank notes. Leading electrostatic imaging system for detecting indented writing on documents. The world's leading professional system for for the recording and enhancement of latent fingerprints. Examination of the crime scene investigation (Forensic Light Sources). 

To participate in the workshop must register
in e-mail: expert-market@i.ua
or by phone: +380 44 288-40-50 (05).

The seminar will be held March 5-6, 2013 in Conference Hall, Hotel "Kozatsky" 2/32 build 76, Aviakonstructora Antonova Str., Kyiv, Ukraine.

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Foster+Freeman VSC®400/HS

A compact high resolution multispectral imaging system for all questioned documents.

The VSC 400 is a more compact instrument than the VSC6000 but includes most of the same functions except the spectrometer. The instrument can be operated from a PC or a laptop and can be supplied with an optional transportation case.

VSC 400 provides facilities for examining...

- UV activated luminescent features under short, medium and long wave UV.
- Tampering and photo-substitution under high magnification.
- Anti-Stokes security features using intense IR lighting.
- Retro-reflective features with coaxial lighting.
- Embossed stamps under oblique lighting.
- Holograms using sequential multi-angled lighting.
- Watermarks using transmitted lighting.
- Suspected alterations using differential infrared absorption and luminescence properties of inks.
- ICAO coded data reader.


Foster+Freeman ESDA²®

Leading electrostatic imaging system for detecting indented writing on documents.

ESDA is the leading technology for detecting indented writing on questioned documents. ESDA works by creating an invisible electrostatic image of indented writing, which is then visualised by the application of charge sensitive toners. The sensitive imaging process reacts to sites of microscopic damage to fibres at the surface of a document, which have been created by abrasive interaction with overlying surfaces during the act of handwriting.


Foster+Freeman Crime-lite® 2

LED alternate light sources for forensic laboratory and crime scene investigations.

The Crime-lite®2 range of LED forensic light sources are suitable for laboratory and crime scene investigations. Providing intense, even and shadow free illumination for locating evidence, the range includes a white light model for general search and seven narrow band wavelengths in UV, violet, blue, blue-green, green, orange, and red. Body fluids, fibres, or other trace evidence is made easily visible by flourescence or colour contrast.

Accessories include flourescence viewing goggles or specatcles, a clip-on magnifying lens, battery charger, camera filters and a tripod mount for photography.

The Crime-lite®2 range are available individually or in cased crime scene kits with accessories.


Foster+Freeman Crime-lite® 82S

The new Crime-lite®82S range consists of eight alternate light sources providing intense shadow-free illumination to maximise the clarity of evidence in the laboratory and at the crime scene. Narrow band wavelengths include UV, violet, blue, blue-green, green, orange and red for detecting evidence such as blood, body fluids, drugs and fibres and for examining chemically treated fingerprints. A white light model with adjustable intensity is also available for general search and is supplied with red, green and blue slide-on filters to enhance the contrast of evidence found on coloured backgrounds.


Foster+Freeman Crime-lite® 82L

The new Crime-lite®82L for the detection of trace evidence by low angle surface illumination.

Sixteen high intensity white LEDs are mounted behind a cylindrical lens to give a wide ‘linear’ light beam that is ideal for detecting surface debris and shoe prints in dust. Blue, green and red clip on filters are also available to enhance contrast and a telescopic pole adds convenience for prolonged floor searches.